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www.calec.orgEmpowering Readers Around the WorldWe are thrilled to introduce you to the authors working with TBR Books this year,as well as the work of The Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education,and Communities (CALEC). TBR Books is the publishing arm of CALEC, a not-for-profit organization with headquarters in New York and Paris. We publishresearchers and practitioners who seek to engage diverse communities on topicsrelated to education, languages, cultural history, and social initiatives.CALEC focuses on multilingualism, cross-cultural understanding, and thedissemination of ideas. Our mission is to empower multilingual families andlinguistic communities through education, knowledge, and advocacy. With ourbooks, our objectives and purposes are to support multilingual families andeducators seeking to expand language programs and advance cross-culturalunderstanding in their school communities. We believe that we can accomplishthis goal by publishing and distributing accessible books and resources, andencouraging innovative ideas for education, language, and culture. As such, we support and promote our authors, researchers, and artists engaged inmultilingual education, particularly when we can advance languages andlinguistic communities. We sponsor, host, and/or participate in events andactivities that promote language education and cultural development all yearround. We also translate our books in a variety of languages to further expand ourimpact. Browse through our pages to meet the authors we work with, as well asinstructions to connect with us for future events and collaborations.The Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and CommunitiesNew York - Paris

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www.tbr-books.orgTBR BooksTBR Books is the publishing arm of the Center for the Advancement of Languages,Education, and Communities. We publish researchers and practitioners who seek toengage diverse communities on topics related to education, languages, culturalhistory, and social initiatives. We translate our books in a variety of languages tofurther expand our impact.TBR Books currently has an open submissions policy. We will read and review un-agented manuscripts and proposals for fiction, non-fiction, art and picture books thatmatch our mission of Empowering Multilingual Families and Linguistic Communitiesthrough Education, Knowledge, and Advocacy.How to Order:TBR Books titles are available for purchase online and through major retailers. Ourtitles can also be purchased from, our merchant website.Our books are distributed by Lightning Source INGRAM and by Hachette LivreDistribution. Retailers and bookstores can also order via iPage or contact us directlyfor more information and discounts at: orders@tbr-books.orgInquiries regarding CALEC's authors should be directed to: authors@calec.orgThe Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities750 Lexington Ave, 9th floor, New York, NY 10022 USA +1 (646) 986-9766198 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris FRANCEcontact@calec.orgFollow Us:

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Meet ourAuthors

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Dr. Maya Angela Smith is an associate professor in the Frenchand Italians Studies department at the University ofWashington in Seattle. She completed her undergraduate andmaster’s degree at New York University in the joint MA/BAprogram with the Institute of French Studies. She thenreceived her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley inRomance Languages and Linguistics. Her scholarship broadlyfocuses on the intersection of racial and linguistic identityformations among marginalized groups in the Africandiaspora, particularly in the postcolonial francophone world.Her recent book, Senegal Abroad: Linguistic Borders, RacialFormations, and Diasporic Imaginaries, was published withthe University of Wisconsin Press in January 2019. She isthrilled to publish the French translation, Sénégalais del’étranger, with TBR Books. In addition to her focus on theSenegalese Diaspora, Maya also conducts research on race andlanguage in the French Caribbean and on inclusive pedagogiesin the foreign language classroom. Furthermore, she engagesin public scholarship, publishing pieces on racial and culturalidentity in publications such as the Boston Globe and Nerdist.She is currently working on a biography of septuagenarianAlvenia Bridges who left her mark in the music industry astour manager to Roberta Black, Rolling Stones, and others.Maya has been the recipient of various grants including theWoodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellowship, the UWResearch Royalty Fund Fellowship, the Simpson CenterSociety of Scholars, and the Camargo Foundation Fellowship.Maya Angela SmithAuthor of Sénégalais de l’étranger

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Rhonda Broussard is the founder and CEO of BelovedCommunity, a national nonprofit committed tosustainable economic equity in schools, workforce, andhousing. Broussard is an award-winning educationentrepreneur and sought-after public speaker. She is a 28-year educator and researcher who founded and led anetwork of language immersion and international schoolsin the US. Broussard studied education in Cameroon,Martinique, metropolitan France, Finland, and NewZealand. Her essays have been featured in The Future ofUniversity, North American Edition; Building Bridges,One Leader at a Time; This I Believe, Personal Essays bythe Women and Men of Eisenhower Fellowships; IB Worldmagazine, and Forbes Magazine. Rhonda lives in hernative Louisiana with her partner, Kim and two children,Olivia and Oscar. Wherever she is in the world, Rhondacan usually be found studying, performing, oroccasionally teaching dances from the African diaspora.One Good Question is her first book. For moreinformation, visit rhondabroussard.comRhonda BroussardAuthor of One Good Question

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Claire Lerognon is a language and communications specialist atthe United Nations headquarters in New York City. Her interestin languages and language acquisition led to a colorful careerteaching French to students ranging from preschoolers todiplomats and the UN’s global staff. She is currently part of theLanguage and Communications Training Unit where shespecializes in training design and development geared towardsfostering multilingualism in the organization. The Heart of anArtichoke is her first book — and boldest learning venture yet.Claire lives in Brooklyn, New York.Linda Phillips Ashour is the author of four novels: Speaking in Tongues,Joy Baby, Sweet Remedy, and A Comforting Lie. Speaking in Tongues is thestory of an expat from Oklahoma that was written when she lived in theSouth of France. Her articles and book reviews have appeared in the NewYork Times Book Review, the New York Sun, Mia, and the WeeklyStandard. She has published short fiction in the Paris Review and theNorth American Review and was a contributor to My Father Married YourMother: Dispatches from the Blended Family. She has taught writing atUCLA Extension, received a Beck fellowship from Denison University, andbeen a fellow at Yaddo. Her new book, The Heart of an Artichoke, co-authored with Claire Lerognon, offers a non-traditional menu ofpossibilities for anyone hungry for French language and culture. Lindalives in Los Angeles with her husband.Claire LerognonCo-Author of The Heart of an ArtichokeLinda Phillips AshourCo-Author of The Heart of an Artichoke

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Dr. Fabrice Jaumont is the author of The BilingualRevolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages,which focuses on the development of dual language andimmersion programs in public schools across the UnitedStates. Fabrice Jaumont holds a Ph.D. in InternationalEducation from New York University. His research andpublications find themselves at the intersection ofcomparative and international education, educationphilanthropy, heritage language and multilingualeducation. He also co-authored The Gift of Languages withKathleen Stein-Smith, where both authors explore themany advantages of multilingual education and sets thestage for a new paradigm in our approach to teaching andlearning languages. The book touches on the issue offoreign language deficit in the US and the changes thatneed to occur in our schools to better serve our childrenand our linguistic communities. He is currently working ona new book with us at TBR Books, Conversations onBilingualism with Ana Ines Ansaldo, Ellen Bialystok, OfeliaGarcía, François Grosjean and Christine Hélot whereFabrice delves deeper into the topics of bilingualism,bilingual education, and cognitive development through aseries of conversations with world-renown experts. Fabricelives in Brooklyn, New York.Fabrice JaumontAuthor of The Bilingual Revolution, The Gift ofLanguages, and Conversations on Bilingualism

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Dr. Valerie Sun a multilingual, multiculturaleducational consultant in dual-immersionprograms and educational technology integration.In her heart of hearts, she is a teacher and hasbeen an educator since 2005 in private sectors inCalifornia and abroad. She started teaching inCalifornia public schools in 2011 and hasexperience across the spectrum from teachingpre-kindergarten to leading doctoral courses.Valerie stays active inside and outside of theclassroom as a teacher specialist in GlendaleUnified School District, a part-time lecturer atCalifornia State University, Los Angeles in theDivision of Applied and Advanced Studies inEducation, and a teacher trainer with theCalifornia World Languages Project at OccidentalCollege. She organizes bi-annual trainings forFrench immersion stakeholders through her non-profit, EmpowerED Consulting.Valerie Y. SunAuthor of Open Letters to Dual Immersion Stakeholders

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Agathe was born in a family with a rich international background, madeof stories of immigrations on her maternal side, and on the paternal side,a father who was one of the first in his generation to move to the U.S. foran MBA and start his career there. Only a few months after her birth inParis, Agathe and her family moved back to the U.S. for a new experienceabroad. This became the foundation of her deep aspiration to build herselfas a global Citizen of the World and foster her passion for people. Overtime, Agathe cultivated her international flair at every occasion,constantly jumping on a plane for a new adventure, catching a workopportunity abroad, or learning a new language. Propelled by her abilityto listen, and to analyze, Agathe quickly climbed the ladder in differentorganizations before launching her own Marketing Consultancy firm,with offices in Paris and New York, after several years in a leadership roleat consultancy firm Kantar. Agathe lives in New York where she raises herthree children in a wonderfully bilingual and bi-cultural environment.Sabine was born on the West Coast as her father, a young chemicalengineer, joined the University of California Berkeley. From the SanFrancisco Bay area, her family transferred to Los Angeles aroundthe UCLA campus. After graduating from the Ecole Supérieure desArts Appliqués in Switzerland, Sabine transitioned from thecreative world to business development. After a first experience in aSwiss German company, Sabine started moving around the worldfor what she calls “my professional road trip.” Working for well-known multinationals, she was fully immersed in different workingstyles and management environments. Since then, Sabine has beenstrongly advocating for how cultural differences impactinternational business development and human relationships.Sabine is on the advisory board of Dispersa Inc, a clean tech startup,and co-founded new3plus Inc., a high-end creative makers platformin New York and Sao Paulo, while joining the NEW INC (NewMuseum incubator).Sabine LandoltAgathe LaurentCo-Author of Can We Agree to Disagree?, and Pareils mais différents, on fait comment?Co-Author of Can We Agree to Disagree?, and Pareils mais différents, on fait comment?

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Dr. Hager-M’Boua is a linguist, specialized in Syntax(Generative Grammar) with a PhD in Linguisticsfrom the University of Geneva, Her researchactivities are focused on the domain of phonology,morphology, syntax, and semantics. She is interestedin the improvement of the education quality in Côted’Ivoire, her country of origin, for better schooloutcomes among public primary school students inrural areas of Côte d’Ivoire, in partnership with theMinistère de l’Education Nationale et del’Alphabétisation and the Programme d’EcoleIntégrée. For Dr Hager-M’Boua, early childhooddevelopment is the most powerful investment inhuman capital that a country, especially Sub-Saharan African countries, and its citizens can make.She has worked on the development of Abidji, Attié,Baoulé, Bété, and French toolkits for themeasurement of literacy development amongchildren in different public primary schools in ruralareas of Côte d’Ivoire. Ayé Clarisse Hager-M’Boua Author and editor of Une Révolution bilingue pour l'Afrique

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Dr. Charles Mercier is professor of Classics at College ofHumanities in Cheshire, Connecticut, the college seminaryof the Legionaries of Christ, a Catholic religiouscongregation of pontifical right. He holds BA and PhD inClassics from Columbia University and has taught Classicaland European Humanities and Greek and Latin languageand literature at Columbia, City College of New York,Vassar College, University of Southern California, andFairfield University. Charles has long cultivated an interestin performance of ancient Greek and Roman poetry anddrama in both productions and academic publications. Hisjournalism for Catholic news sources has communicatedhis interest in nineteenth century Catholic history and inthe theological notion of purification of memory promotedby John Paul II and what it implies for Catholic humanitieseducation. After a trip to Zambia in 2001 he produced adocumentary short about the life of AIDS orphans inLusaka and a CD compilation of songs by street kids withan accurate edition of their lyrics in Town Bemba andNyanja. After a trip to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2016 he wrote onthe Chaldean Catholic archdiocese of Erbil. He hastranslated previously, from Latin, Terence Brothers (1997).The new edition by TBR Books of Peter Pernin’s The Fingerof God is There! began as family history: Charles is thegreat grandson of one of Pernin’s two nieces whoaccompanied him from France to Illinois in 1864.Charles MercierAuthor of Peshtigo 1871

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Dr. Jane Flatau Ross is an educator with over 40years’ experience in the field of internationaleducation, including a long career at the LycéeFrançais de New York. She is the founder andPresident of the French Heritage LanguageProgram, an organization that provides Frenchlanguage instruction and support to Francophoneimmigrants in the United States. Jane received herBA from Swarthmore College, majoring in historyand French, her MA from Hunter College inEnglish, and a PhD in International Educationfrom New York University. Jane is the co-author ofa number of scholarly papers and book chaptersconcerning the development of French HeritageLanguage programs, bilingual and dual languageinitiatives. She was awarded the Legion of Honorand the Palmes Académiques by the Frenchgovernment for her service to French education.Jane lives in New York, New York.Jane Flatau RossAuthor of Two Centuries of French Education in New York, and Deux siècles d'enseignement bilingue à New York

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As a dedicated foreign language educator andadvocate, Dr. Kathleen Stein-Smith is the author ofseveral books and numerous articles about theUnited States’ foreign language deficit. Her TEDxtalk, The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit—”What It Is;Why It Matters; and What We Can Do about It” hasbeen viewed thousands of times, and her blog,“Language Matters” attracts countless visitors eachyear. Dr. Stein-Smith is also Chair of the AmericanAssociation of Teachers of French Commission onAdvocacy. She is a member of the AmericanTranslators Association Education and PedagogyCommittee, the Central States Conference on theTeaching of Foreign Languages Advisory Council, theNortheast Conference on the Teaching of ForeignLanguages Advisory Council, and is a SouthernConference on Language Teaching Sponsor. She alsoserves as French Language Facilitator at ManyLanguages One World. She is associate universitylibrarian and adjunct faculty in foreign languagesand related areas at Fairleigh Dickinson University.She received the French Government’s medal ofChevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques.Kathy lives in Bergenfield, New Jersey.Kathleen Stein-SmithAuthor of The Gift of Languages, and editor of French Language and Francophone Cultures in the United States

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Valérie Fialais is currently a teacher in abilingual kindergarden (French-German)and lecturer in languages didactics inStrasbourg. She is also a consultant for theLycée Franco-Allemand of Strasbourg and amember of the Linguistics, Language,Speech research laboratory, where she isconducting a research project with abilingual school (English-French immersion)in Nancy, France. Her interest in thedidactics of bi/plurilingualism is thecommon thread running through heracademic and professional career. Herresearch, focused on bilingual educationand the educational issues related to it, herteaching experience in kindergarten as wellas with adults in French as a ForeignLanguage and in German didactics, havegiven her a solid knowledge of languagedidactics and plurilingualism, a singularknowledge, very varied and open to thecentral issues of language teaching in the21st century.ValérieFialaisEditor of Guiding teachers into bilingual education:

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Ellen Bialystok is a Distinguished Research Professorof Psychology and Walter Gordon Research Chair ofLifespan Cognitive Development at York University,and Associate Scientist at the Rotman ResearchInstitute of the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care.She is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a Fellowof the Royal Society of Canada. Her research usesbehavioral and neuroimaging methods to examinethe effect of bilingualism on cognitive processesacross the lifespan. Her discoveries include theidentification of differences in the development ofessential cognitive and language abilities forbilingual children, the use of different brainnetworks by monolingual and bilingual young adultsperforming simple conflict tasks, and thepostponement of symptoms of dementia in bilingualolder adults. Among her awards are the CanadianSociety for Brain Behaviour and Cognitive ScienceHebb Award (2011), Killam Prize for the SocialSciences (2010), York University President’sResearch Award of Merit (2009), and Donald T. StussAward for Research Excellence at the BaycrestGeriatric Centre (2005).EllenBialystok Author of Bilingual Children:Families, Education, and Development

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Reseda Streb studied Romance Languages with afocus on Italian Studies, Latin American Studies,and Romance Linguistics at Goethe University inFrankfurt am Main. In 2015, she completed herPhD at the same institution on the topic of"Building Multilingual Repertoires in a Two-WayImmersion Context," a long-term ethnographic-linguistic study in a German-Italian primaryschool class. Since 2017, she has been a DAADLektor at the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC)in Fortaleza/Brazil, where she teaches ongoingGerman teachers and leads a Goethe Institutcultural society at the German Cultura house/UFC.In the context of her post-doctoral project at theUniversidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in thestate of Rio de Janeiro, she is conducting researchon "Multilingual Teaching and Learning in theMigration Context of Ethnic German Immigrantsin Brazil", where teacher training as well as thedevelopment of multilingual didactic teachingmaterials form the core of her research interestshere.Reseda StrebEditor of Guiding teachers into bilingual education: k

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Dr. Alyson Leah Lavigne is an Assistant Professor of InstructionalLeadership at Utah State University. Using her training as aneducational psychologist and classroom researcher, Lavigne hasconducted research on teacher retention, teachers’ beliefs, teachersupervision and evaluation, and Latinx students’ experiences. Mostrecently, she has merged her interest in educational policy specificallyteacher evaluation, and teaching and motivation in schools that serveLatinx students, in order to focus on instructional practices andleadership in schools that serve diverse youth and dual languagelearners. In her book, Salsa Dancing in Gym Shoes, Alyson and co-author Tammy Oberg De La Garza traverse the White and Latinocultures on a daily basis, use essays written by Latinx authors touncover past missteps and explore culturally responsive ways ofengaging Latino students in learning. She lives in Salt Lake City withher husband, Erick and two sons, Leonardo and Santiago.Dr. Tammy Oberg De La Garza, is an Associate Professor andDirector of Dual Language Teacher Leadership at RooseveltUniversity, and has been involved in educating children and adultsfor more than 25 years. She began her career as a teacher in ChicagoPublic Schools, and teaches and conducts research in dual language,literacy, social equity, and learning within Latino communities.Tammy’s countless hours in women’s ministries, small groups,marriage ministry, and step studies have helped her understand thevital importance of developing healthy relationships with women ofvarying ages. In her book, Salsa Dancing in Gym Shoes, Tammy andco-author Alyson Leah Lavigne traverse the White and Latinocultures on a daily basis, use essays written by Latinx authors touncover past missteps and explore culturally responsive ways ofengaging Latino students in learning. She lives in Chicago with herhusband, Rey and their young adult children, Sierra and Alex.Alyson Leah LavigneCo-Author of Salsa Dancing in Gym ShoesCo-Author of Salsa Dancing in Gym ShoesTammy Oberg De La Garza

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Selma Talha Jebril is Monitoring & EvaluationSpecialist at IIE and oversees quantitative andqualitative data collection, analysis, andcoordination of the writing of publications related tothe IFP Alumni Tracking Study. Selma also serves atthe Business Development Specialist for theResearch, Evaluation and Learning Team, promotingand advocating for the REL Unit’s businessdevelopment growth in the areas of internationalhigher education scholarships and fellowships, andleadership programming. Prior to joining IIE, Selmawas based in Washington, D.C., where she workedwith Chemonics International and Search forCommon Ground on projects implemented in theMiddle East and North Africa. Selma is originallyfrom Morocco and holds a master’s degree insustainable development, international policy andmanagement from SIT Graduate Institute and abachelor’s degree in international relations andTrade from Université de Cergy-Pontoise (France).She is fluent in English, French, and Arabic.Selma Talha Jebril Editor of Bilingual Education in the Arabic-speaking World

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Dr. Maristella de Panizza Lorch isProfessor Emerita of Italian and Medievaland Renaissance Studies at BarnardCollege and Columbia University, as wellas Founding Director Emerita of theItalian Academy for Advanced Studies inAmerica. She is the mother of threedaughters and the widow of themathematician Edgar Raymond Lorch.The Other Shore is the closing volume ofthe trilogy Beyond Gibraltar, followingMamma in her Village and BeyondGibraltar. She lives in New York.Maristella de Panniza LorchAuthor of The Other Shore, Beyond Giibraltar, and Mamma in her Village

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Barbara Goldowsky has written fiction, poems, and nonfictionarticles that have been published by regional and national journalsand newspapers. Born in Germany, Barbara came to the UnitedStates in 1950 with her mother and her younger brother. The familysettled in Chicago, Illinois, where Barbara attended public schoolsand junior college, majoring in English and journalism. Awarded ascholarship designated for a “deserving foreign-born student,” shestudied at the University of Chicago, majoring in political scienceand receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. At the University ofChicago, fascinated by American literature and creative writing, shejoined the staff of the literary magazine, the Chicago Review, just asAmerican literature was being transformed by the Beat poets andwriters. She was a contributor to the Southampton Press, writingarticles about the arts, and reviews of books, music, theater. Sheproduced and hosted radio programs that featured interviews withwriters and poets for the radio station of Long Island University’sSouthampton Campus. She considers herself a fortunate immigrantbecause she was able to realize her twin dreams of attaining aworld-class education and of becoming a writer in her adoptedlanguage.Barbara GoldowskyAuthor of Immigrant Dreams

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Authors ofChildren's Books

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Vickie Frémont is an artist, designer, and teacher with dualbackground –a Cameroonian mother and a French father–currently living and working in New York City. She has livedbetween two different cultures — African and European, twoworlds, and speaks several languages: French, Portuguese,Italian and… Bambara (from Mali). Her formal educationincludes degrees in anthropology, language, teaching, as wellas applied and fine arts. Vickie Frémont is the Founder of MyHands My Tools, a New York organization which providesworkshops for girls and women from marginalizedcommunities. Frémont has offered her recycling artworkshops to women from marginalized communities in Peruand Sri Lanka, and later to the women of Ambohitra as a wayto rebuild a school and support the Island of Sainte Marie inMadagascar in the aftermath of cyclone Ivan. Since then,Vickie Frémont has developed The Hummingbird Projectinspired by The Amerindian Legend of The Hummingbird thatinspired Wangari Maathai, first African woman to receive theNobel Peace Prize. The goal of The Hummingbird Project is tobring everyone’s creativity out, and to provide participantswith a break during which the hands regain their primaryrole: to create. Her artistic practice, which utilizes recycledmaterials, has led her to be been exhibited bothinternationally and nationally in venues such as the NationalGallery, Zimbabwe; Musée du Quai Branly, France; The UnitedNations; Museum of Biblical Art; and Bronx Museum in theUnited States.Vickie FrémontAuthor of The Hummingbird Project, and Le Projet Colibri

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Christine is emeritus professor of English at theUniversity of Strasbourg France. She is aspecialist of bilingual and multilingual education,language policy and children ‘s literature. She haspublished widely in French and English. Marimbais based on a true story she was told by PatriciaVelasco.Patricia Velasco is an AssistantProfessor in the Department ofElementary and Early ChildhoodEducation at Queens College andCoordinator of the BilingualEducation Program. Christine HélotCo-Author of MarimbaCo-Author of MarimbaPatricia Velasco

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Gail Foster is an educator, social entrepreneur, andadvocate on behalf of women-owned educationenterprises. Dr. Foster originally wrote this bookfor the children of Morningside PlayCare, aMandarin and Spanish immersion nursery schoolwhich she founded in New York City in 2015. Theschool produces multilingual and well-roundedchildren, comfortable in their relationship withnature, and able to tap the health and well-beingtools of yoga. Her big vision is that these childrenwill one day become cross-cultural bridge-builders. As an education research scholar, she haspublished on the topic of private schools foundedby African Americans and has won numerous civicawards for her community service. Dr. Foster isthe founder of several education associations,including the Association of Historically BlackIndependent Schools, and the Manhattan EarlyChildhood Alliance.Gail FosterAuthor of Would you Help me Choose a Pet?

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Deana Sobel Lederman is a cartoonist andillustrator who lives in San Diego, California withher husband and two young sons. She is the authorof Rainbows, Masks, and Ice Cream, a series ofthree stories for children about the COVID-19pandemic, and the webcomic Philip the Sea Lion.Her work has been featured by Parents magazine(social media), the National Children’s Museum inWashington, D.C., the Minnesota Children’sMuseum, the Morgan Library & Museum (socialmedia), Business Insider, Barron’s, and the NewYork City Department of Education’s publications.She holds a law degree from UC Berkeley School ofLaw and was the staff editorial cartoonist for TheDaily Californian as an undergraduate, earningnational recognition for her political cartoons andcomics.Deana Sobel LedermanAuthor of Masks, The Sewing Lesson, and Noah Henry

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Mark Hansen has been involved in education for nearly 2decades as a classroom teacher, Master Teacher ofMathematics and Deputy Principal. He is also the father of4 children. He has a passion for learning and for ignitingthat passion in others, particularly in mathematics, wherehis work has been featured in educational journals. Hisgoal is for schools and societies to have students who areconfident, creative communicators in mathematics, thatthey see the purpose in it and enjoy engaging with it. He isa voracious reader and enjoys discussing books andlearning from others. He is passionate about helpingpeople feeling included so they can reach their potential.He is based in Australia and this is his first children’s book. Mark HansenAuthor of Math for All

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Adrienne Mei Irving was born in Toronto, Canada.Her bilingual journey was established andnurtured in the Canadian School System’s EarlyFrench Immersion Program and sustained duringher years at the National Theatre School of Canada(NTSC) in Montreal where she received classicalShakespearean training in theatre performance.This training ensured attention to rhetoric, verseand meter – important cues in learning/teachingnew language.Adrienne currently lives with her family in theSouth of France where she is raising a bilingualdaughter, and teaches English to Journalism andCommunications majors.This book was developed as a tool for teaching herdaughter and students to find words that weresimilar in both languages using concepts ofrhetoric, verse, meter and musicality to createimagery and quick word recall.Adrienne IrvingAuthor of Franglais Soup

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Dounia Stewart-McNeelAuthor of Immunity Fun!, Digestive Fun!, Respiration Fun!Dounia Stewart-McMeel is a believer thatchildren need a passion for learning. Hermany years tutoring, and also volunteeringin schools helped children find the fun sideof subjects like maths and science, and sheis now doing that in book format. Her bookseries, Digestive Fun! celebrates scientificdiscovery, and the human body through theeyes of Fatima, a young inventor and Z82,her shrinking zorb ball. Dounia is neuro-divergent and beli

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Dr. Teboho Moja is a Clinical Professor of Higher Education atNew York University, an Extraordinary Professor at theUniversity of the Western Cape – South Africa, and a VisitingResearch Fellow at the Centre for the Advancement ofScholarship at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She is therecipient of the Martin Luther King, jr. Faculty Award (2019), theNational Research Foundation- Lifetime Achiever Award (2019),Women in International Education Award (2019), and GraduateStudents Star Award (2019). She previously served as anExecutive Director and Commissioner of the NationalCommission on Higher Education in South Africa (1995),appointed by President Mandela. The Commission produced anational report that provided a framework for higher educationreform in South Africa. She has published extensively on highereducation policy, presented numerous keynote addresses atinternational conferences on higher education issues. Beforecoming to NYU, Teboho Moja served as a Special Advisor to theMinister of Education. Teboho Moja has served on numerouscommittees, advisory boards and boards of international bodiessuch as UNESCO and Councils of Universities in South Africa. Teboho MojaAuthor of Uncle Steve's Country Home, The BlueDress, and The good, the ugly and the great

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Mary Chi-Whi Kim is a mother of two beautiful Afro-Asian children anda writer and educator who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Her essays,stories, and poems have featured in The New York Times Magazine,NPR’s Snap Judgment, The Heartlands Today, Calliope, Calyx,Primavera, Many Mountains Moving, Margie, Women’s Arts Quarterly,and Literary Mama. She won two poem commissions from theMulticultural Center of The Ohio State University from which sheearned a BA and MA in English Literature. Also gaining an MFA inCreative Writing from Bowling Green State University, she garneredpublication for her poetry chapbook, Silken Purse, from Pudding HousePress. Her multi-genre creative writing/self-help book dedicated tosurvivors of childhood sexual assault, Karma Suture, garnered anHonorable Mention in the Writers’ Digest International Self-PublishedBooks Contest. Committing two decades to the field of education, shehas taught multicultural English literature and creative writing at theSeoul Language Institute, The Ohio State University, and SavannahCollege of Art and Design. Mary Chi-Whi KimAuthor of Super Korean New Years with GrandmaEunjoo FeasterIllustrator of Super Korean New Years with GrandmaEunjoo is an illustrator and graphic designer who receive her degreefrom School of Visual Arts in NYC. A firm believer in life-long learning,she continued with her education at the Center for Book Arts, SVAContinuing Education, Cooper Union Continuing Education, The LowerEastside Printshop as well as attending a bookbinding workshop inCzech Republic. She has been published in many different publicationssuch as Calyx, Crone, a. magazine, Kidsart, United Nations, McGraw-HillPublishing, and JK Lasser Publishing. Eunjoo has also worked for manyindividual clients creating logos, layouts, designs and illustrations. Shehas also donated her skills, time and money to various charities thatempower girls and women. Many years ago, she lived at an elephantvillage working as an art teacher for the elephants. After having childrenof her own, she co-founded a Korean preschool with a friend. She livesin NY with her children, husband and an elderly black cat.

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Darcey HaleAuthor of The Long Trek North and A Journey Through ChildhoodFor Darcey Hale, history has been a passion since, as aten year old, she was introduced to the world ofantiquity while residing temporarily among the Mayanruins of Chichen Itza and Uxmal in Yucatan. Thisexperience was the catalyst for her ongoing quest tolearn more about those who had lived in a time goneby. She moved to Willsboro, New York and became theguardian of the treasures that the Clark family had leftbehind. Through their legacy she has lived their livesand now, in her first book, shares the story of the Clarkfamily, as it so vividly portrays nineteenth century lifein New York’s Champlain Valley. In The Long TrekNorth, the first book in a series of five, she invites herreader to come with her on a journey into the past. Itbegins in the Connecticut Berkshires in 1801 andtransports us north with George and Lydia who setforth to Willsborough, New York and established afamily presence in the early days of that town. In hersecond volume, A Journey through Childhood, sheportrays Orrin Clark within the context of life atWillsborough Point, and the daily events that tookplace there, as well as the impact that events in thebroader arena, including the War of 1812, had uponOrrin Clark and the Blinn family. Darcey lives inWillsboro, New York.

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